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SCORPIO: October 23rd to November 21st

With Saturn entering your 12th, take time to clean house (physically, mentally, and emotionally), letting go of all the debris from your past that doesn’t resonate with your highest and most beautiful authentic expression. Underneath the outer clamor of your life is an inner reservoir of peace and healing. Through gentle activities, such as meditation and yoga, we are guided into the sacred chambers of our soul. It is here that we find solace and our connection to The All that is. Scorpio, your spiritual unfoldment is expanding like a great oak tree, the roots grounding and moving ever deeper into the earth while the branches reach ever higher to the heavens. Your immense strength combined with Jupiter in your solar 6th house brings you a blessing through taking care of your body, knowing that honoring your physical vehicle is just as important as feeding your soul. New work opportunities for the environment or a cause that is important to you, could arise. Get ready for some positive change, where you will feel more effective in the world.


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